Mongrel: Error calling Dispatcher.dispatch #

2011-06-10 07:42:00 by Saz

I was trying to get Redmine with mongrel and nginx working. Every time I've tried to log me in, mongrel reported the following error message:

Fri Jun 10 05:21:20 +0000 2011: Error calling Dispatcher.dispatch
#<NoMethodError: undefined method `[]' for nil:NilClass>
/usr/lib/ruby/1.8/mongrel ...
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MacBook Pro tries to update efi firmware on every boot after installing Ubuntu 11.04

2011-05-06 16:29:00 by Saz

There is something wrong in the installation process of Ubuntu 11.04. Most of the time I've started my MacBook Pro it made a long beep and flashed the sleep LED about 10 times. Waiting for about a minute and the normal boot process started. No big deal, but ...

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2011-02-20 23:59:00 by Saz
  • Finally, I've sorted all of my bookmarks. Next: ReadItLater :( #
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Making 'git pull' work with Github

2011-02-13 15:18:00 by Saz

As I'm using Github from different computers, I want to update my local repositories from Github. But git pull wasn't working out of the box and wants to know more information about.

You asked me to pull without telling me which branch you
want to merge with, and ...
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Naglite3 - Nagios status monitor for a NOC or operations room

2011-01-22 16:48:00 by Saz

I've just released Naglite3. It's a full screen Nagios status monitor. Fits nicely in your NOC or operations room. Inspired by Naglite and Naglite2.


You can get it on Github.

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User registration wasn't working

2010-12-16 14:07:00 by Saz

Due to a configuration problem, user registration wasn't working as expected. Please try again, if you've got no mail with login credentials.

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Insert PHP variables into Apache access log

2010-12-02 09:08:00 by Saz

Ever in the need of finding a request of a specific user on your site? As long as authentication is done using basic auth, everything is fine. As soon as the user logged in, Apache writes the username to access.log. But what about, if authentication is done through HTML ...

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pingd is deprecated! Use ocf:pacemaker:ping instead

2010-11-16 12:10:00 by Saz

Yeah. So it is. Use ocf:pacemaker:ping instead. It works for me. The constraint should still point to pingd:

location ms-drbd-backup_master-on-connected-node ms-drbd-backup
rule $id="ms-drbd-backup_master-on-connected-node-rule" $role="master" -inf: not_defined pingd or pingd lte 0

Full example:

primitive ping ocf:pacemaker ...
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Add Thunderbird to Indicator Applet in Gnome

2010-07-23 23:58:00 by Saz

As I'm using Thunderbird as my default mail program, I found it really annoying, that it is not as nicely integrated in Gnome on Ubuntu Lucid as Evolution is. So, I was looking for a solution. Here it is :)

1. Getting rid of Evolution in Indicator Applet

Run sudo ...

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Amazon und die falsche Sendungsverfolgung

2010-06-07 21:32:00 by Saz

Tja. Die Lieferung wurde heute verschickt, kam aber schon am 2. April 2009 um 11:33 in Börnicke an. Schade. Eigentlich wollte ich das Paket haben.

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Useful Google Chrome Extensions

2010-05-02 12:08:00 by Saz

After using Firefox for a long time, i've switched almost completely to Google Chrome (ahh... Chromium). Using Chrome for quite some time now, I'm using a few extensions, which I find really useful.

Auto Replay for YouTube

Sometimes, I want to watch/listen to a video more than ...

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New job, new home, new Nokia N900 and everything I've forgotten.

2010-01-04 14:26:00 by Saz

Ok. It's been quite some time since my last post. Sorry for that. As always, I will try to post more regularly... I promise :) Anyway. A lot of things changed in the last few months. Most of them to the good. Maybe it's going on like that? Would ...

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Test from N900

2010-01-04 13:41:00 by Saz

Does it work?

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