New job, new home, new Nokia N900 and everything I've forgotten.

2010-01-04 14:26:00 by Saz

Ok. It's been quite some time since my last post. Sorry for that. As always, I will try to post more regularly... I promise :) Anyway. A lot of things changed in the last few months. Most of them to the good. Maybe it's going on like that? Would be great. 2009 is over and 2010 started really good (thanks to someone). But let me begin, where it should begin: at the beginning :) Ok. I finally made it and found an apartment. It's near my new employer, so I'm able to use my bike for getting to work. I find this is really awesome. My apartment is almost complete (complete = as complete as something like an apartment can be.). Some things missing, but I'm on it an it's getting better every day. And some things, I have not thought about, are still coming up, but that's okay. I will upload some pictures later that day, so you can have a look, what's the current state. I moved in my apartment one week before christmas, as I was alone on christmas anyway. One picture of a part of my apartment. Taken with my N900:


Another new thing I've bought me as a present for christmas was a Nokia N900. I like my new gadget. Really. I'm writing this blog post on my N900! There is currently nothing bad I can tell about the N900. At first, it was rebooting from time to time. But this problem is known to Nokia and they're working on it. For now, there is an easy work-around and this is "fixing" the problem. What else? Some positive things: - Fm-transmitter: send music to any radio. - Camera: pictures looking good and the cam is fast enough for taking pictures - applications: as the Nokia N900 is running Maemo, it's based on a really stable system and there are many different applications available. You can also get 'root' on the N900 really easy (just install a package and go on). For software management it's using a version of Debian's APT. - OpenVPN: yes. It's useable without getting root or installing another image on your phone (hey google, can you hear me? Think about your crappie android os!). As I'm a system administrator I love to have tools like VPN and ssh on my mobile. Why? Because I'm able to fix most of the problems from my mobile. If it's working. And you know what? Nokia was able to get the N900 working. Thanks Nokia! (Again, can you hear me, google?) Now, some more things going on in my life, but for now, it's enough I've talked about. Have fun and if you're looking for a new mobile phone: Nokia N900


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