Fix "Missing a temporary folder" in WordPress 2.7

2009-03-25 17:31:00 by Saz

As I was writing my article about the installation process of Openfire, I've tried to upload a file but got an error message instead of my file :(


Because I wasn't able to upload a file, I've done a quick google search and found this blog entry. The ...

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Install Openfire on Debian Lenny

2009-03-25 17:22:00 by Saz

If you're looking for a good jabber/XMPP server with LDAP/Active Directory integration. Have a look at Openfire. It's working really great and you can push contacts to your clients. No need for adding every employee of your company on your users client. I've installed Openfire ...

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Domain world card (Domain-Weltkarte) received

2009-03-24 13:02:00 by Saz

If you've read my article "Domain World Card for free?", you'll know, that united-domains is currently having a marketing campaign. If you blog about their campaign, you'll get a domain world card for free. I've mine received yesterday. Now I have to find a nice spot ...

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Comments enabled without registration

2009-03-23 11:21:00 by Saz

For some time, I was wondering, why no one is writing a comment. One of my friends pointed out, that the registration process is the blocker. "Not another username and password to remember" :) Now I have akismet enabled and the registration is disabled.

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Repair all MySQL databases

2009-03-23 10:43:00 by Saz

If you need to check and repair all MySQL databases you can use:

mysqlcheck -u USER -p -Ar

If you also want to optimize them, use:

mysqlcheck -u USER -p -Aor
-A: all databases
-o: optimize
-r: repair

Have a look at the man page of mysqlcheck for more information.

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ArchLinux, encrypted root and a MacBook Pro

2009-03-22 18:51:00 by Saz

Ok, so I've installed ArchLinux on my MacBook Pro (it's a 5,1) with encrypted root disk, and I'm not able to enter my passphrase. This is a really 'nice' bug, because the MacBook Pro is useless, if it's not booting :( But where is the problem ...

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Linux tips every geek should know

2009-03-18 17:32:00 by Saz

A friend sent me a more or less useful link: "Linux tips every geek should know". More or less useful for me, because most of the mentioned topics I know already, but the second part "More Linux tips every geek should know" has some nice things, I wasn't aware ...

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Domain World Card for free?

2009-03-18 12:16:00 by Saz

united-domains is currently making a nice online marketing campaign. They will give you a free Domain-Weltkarte (Domain World Card), if you write something about it (like I'm currently doing, as I want to have such a thing). All you have to do: write about it and send the link ...

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Lock user account under Linux

2009-03-12 12:39:00 by Saz

Ever wanted to lock an user account under Linux, but don't know how? Well, today, I was in this situation, but don't know, how to do it. Now I know :)

Lock user account:

root@host:~# passwd -l username

This will change the password to a value, which won ...

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xkcd - A Webcomic - Not Enough Work

2009-03-12 10:13:00 by Saz
Isn't it true? I think it is...
xkcd - A Webcomic - Not Enough Work.
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Web analytics made open source

2009-03-05 10:51:00 by Saz

You are searching for a web analytics software and don't like to use google analytics? Instead you really like to see an open source solution for your analytics needs that integrates nicely with your WordPress installation? Have a look at Piwik. Piwik is written in PHP and needs a ...

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What's going on?

2009-03-04 18:19:00 by Saz

Sure, I've promised to write more frequently, but life is keeping me busy (especially watching "The Big Bang Theory"). A long time ago, I've used puppet to configure my systems. But different changes on my servers has made it useless for some time. Now I'm getting it ...

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Compiling PHP code as native binaries

2009-03-04 16:42:00 by Saz

If you ever thought about, using PHP for creating an desktop application, then you should have a look at Roadsend. Roadsend is a PHP compiler which is able to create native binaries, if you want, with an web server (a so called microserver) integrated.

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