Add Thunderbird to Indicator Applet in Gnome

2010-07-23 23:58:00 by Saz

As I'm using Thunderbird as my default mail program, I found it really annoying, that it is not as nicely integrated in Gnome on Ubuntu Lucid as Evolution is. So, I was looking for a solution. Here it is :)

1. Getting rid of Evolution in Indicator Applet

Run sudo apt-get remove evolution-indicator

2. Install required packages

Run sudo apt-get install libnotify-bin. This is needed to make the Thunderbird extension work.

3. Install Thunderbird extension

Open the Add-On manager in Thunderbird and install Gnome Integration. After installation, restart Thunderbird.

4. Disable default Thunderbird notifications

In Thunderbird go to Edit => Preferences => General and uncheck Show an alert.

5. Add Thunderbird to Indicator Applet

Run sudo nano /usr/share/indicators/messages/applications/thunderbird and insert the following line:


What about a shortcut for composing a new message or open the address book?

Well, it is possible to add such shortcuts, but at the moment, you have to redo it after every update, as the file, you have to edit, will be overwritten. Add the following lines at the end of /usr/share/applications/thunderbird.desktop:


[Compose Shortcut Group]
Name=Compose New Message
Exec=thunderbird mailto:
OnlyShowIn=Messaging Menu

[Contacts Shortcut Group]
Exec=thunderbird -addressbook
OnlyShowIn=Messaging Menu


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