Useful Google Chrome Extensions

2010-05-02 12:08:00 by Saz

After using Firefox for a long time, i've switched almost completely to Google Chrome (ahh... Chromium). Using Chrome for quite some time now, I'm using a few extensions, which I find really useful.

Auto Replay for YouTube

Sometimes, I want to watch/listen to a video more than once. Clicking on "Replay" every time the video is finished is quite annoying. This extension1 is fixing it. You're able to enter a time range, where auto replay should happens.

Autocomplete = on

Saving passwords isn't working on every site, as some web developers are using "autocomplete = off". This extension2 is changing "autocomplete = off" to "autocomplete = on" and you are able to save your passwords.

Stop Autoplay for YouTube

Loading more than one video on YouTube in new tabs is quite annoying, as you have to pause any video at first. This extension3 is here to rescue you! It will pause any video you load, but the video is still buffering in the background. That's making it better, than simply blocking flash videos from auto play.


In Firefox, you are able to enable search-as-you-type. I have not found such a checkbox in Chrome, but This extension4. You are also able to search in links only.

Youtube Automatic Quality changer

I find it quite annoying to change the video quality on every video. Why isn't it saving my choice for the next time? But: This extension5 is fixing it. Less clicks for me. Yeah! If I find more useful extensions for Google Chrome, I'll let you know. But if you have a extension that could be useful for me, but I'm not aware of, let me know.


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