Web analytics made open source

2009-03-05 10:51:00 by Saz

You are searching for a web analytics software and don't like to use google analytics? Instead you really like to see an open source solution for your analytics needs that integrates nicely with your WordPress installation? Have a look at Piwik. Piwik is written in PHP and needs a MySQL database for storing the data. The installation is done in a few minutes. After completing the installation, you'll see a javascript code snippet which should be placed inside your pages. If you're running WordPress, you can use this plugin. It has a good looking dashboard, in which you can place widgets. Just what you need and want. Everything is build as plugins, too. So you're able to choose, which features are available and if you really need it. And the most important thing: the data is on your system! Have a look at the Piwik FAQ for more information. Edit: Sorry, I've missed to add the link for the WordPress plugin


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