Internet Explorer 5, 5.5 or 6 under Linux: The easy way...

2009-02-16 04:02:00 by Saz

Ever needed an Internet Explorer version for configuring a network device (like a badly designed FSC FibreCat SX) or visiting a website? You're only running Linux on your system, like me? IEs4Linux is the answer. This is a really easy way of installing IE under Linux. Sure, it's only using wine, but it makes life easier! It is also possible to install IE7 under Linux (currently in beta state). At first, the app crashed, but I kept restarting it. Every restart it was doing a few more steps (on Kubuntu Intrepid). No more "Connect to a remote windows system outside the data center, open IE, connect to this f*cked up FibreCat" :) For all those Mac Guys: IEs4Linux is also available for Mac OS X. Here is the announcement for version


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