New design...

2009-02-09 00:07:00 by Saz

As you can see, my blog got a new design. But wait... Why is this blog getting a new design, if there are no new articles? Well. You're right. But, I promise, to get this blog alive, again. And this time for real! So, if you gonna ask yourself, what the hell, I'm going to write about... Let's see... It's going to be the same things as before. But now, I will write more regularly to keep you up-to-date what's going on in my life. Maybe this will help you, maybe not. I can't tell. But in the past, I was able to help people, maybe this is possible in the future. Also my blog will be translated to english. Some things are still german, but this will change soon. If you find a weird sentence, please don't hesitate to tell me. I'm able to learn and glad about corrections. We'll see. Stay tuned.


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