OpenVZ: Reboot of gentoo running inside a vps not working

2006-10-24 18:04:00 by Saz

If your gentoo system isn't rebooting, it is possible that there is something missing in /etc/init.d/ OpenVZ installs a cron job, which is running every 5 minutes to check if there is a vps which must be rebooted. This cron script is checking if in the root of a vps a file named '/reboot' is available. If it exists, the vps will be rebooted. The Gentoo-init-scripts, regardless of which baselayout (baselayout or baselayout-vserver) is installed, doesn't create the file in the root of a vps. You can get this fixed by doing the following: Inside your vps start an editor of your choice and edit /etc/init.d/ Insert the following line before /sbin/reboot -dp. `` touch /reboot `` After saving your file, it should be possible to restart your vps without the need of using vzctl.


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