OpenVZ: Gentoo template for OpenVZ created

2006-10-24 22:24:00 by Saz

Long time ago, I decided to create a gentoo template for OpenVZ. Now it's done. Based on the actual i686-release of gentoo, 2006.1. I've tried to resolve most of the problems, which exist with the "official" version of a template, usable in OpenVZ. If you find any errors, or things, which could be better done or you will tell me, how great I am, don't hesitate and tell me. I'm updating the template as often as needed. At the moment, there is only a version for download available, which constists of a portage tree from 2006-10-24. I'm doing my best, to make a script, where portage will be updated every day and a new template will be build. I've done as few changes as possible, so it is as nearly as possible to the official gentoo 2006.1 stage 3 as possible. And now: Nice gentooing. Download gentoo_openvz_template-1.0.tar.gz


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